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puppyI am in a pre-mourning stage, devastated over the imminent retirement of google reader. Google reader, for those of you not in the know, is a web-based aggregation where you can subscribe to blog and news feeds and posts that can be accessed from a single webpage.

One of my favorite features of google reader is the “add star” function; readers can “star” posts that they find particularly interesting, and the starred posts are compiled in the starred items folder. Feeling nostalgic, I recently decided to peruse my starred items folder and noticed my starred posts related to at least one of three topics: cute animals, pop culture, and/or desserts.

Because I am kind and generous, I have decided to post links to some of my starred blog posts.

cute animals:

Puppy too fat to get out of salad bowl

These cats make your zumba class look weak

pop culture:


Your six favroite new pop songs to get this saturday night


yogurt pannacotta with walnuts

black and pink cookies

enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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