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Funky new calendar


Hi folks!

I am one of those people who desperately needs to write everything down or else I’ll forget it a minute later. I’ve been trying to encourage my students to decorate their work (both the elementary kiddos and the seniors) as a way of adding value to the piece. Whether it be a sheet of math homework or the edge of some notes, embellishments are a way of bot beautifying and signifying care and attention. That, and I just really like color a lot. For the above image I used an old map of Texas (we had a box of these donated to the school by a parent. The DNR was cleaning out their files!) and drew in the few weeks left until the end of the school year. I taped the calendar directly to my desk so that I could easily write down any reminders. No matter how wiggly your lines are by the time you start filling it in with doodles no one will notice!

While perusing the interweb, I discovered this great site, Doodlers Anonymous, which is great for some inspiration. Get doodling!



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